Monday, February 13, 2012

British Issue Gun Pull Through, Single, Mk IVBrass

British Issue Gun Pull Through, Single, Mk IV
British Issue Gun Pull Through, Single, Mk IV: Brass
by International Military Antiques, Inc.

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Original Item: The standard bore cleaning tool for rifles and machine guns in Great Britain for the better part of a century was a cord pull-through with a brass or steel weight on one end and a series of three loops woven into the other end. Machine guns were supplied with both the Mk 4A single-length pull-through and the double-length Mk 1A. The buttstocks of all SMLE (No. 1) and No. 4 rifles were provided with two cylindrical drillings. The larger one gives access to the butt screw and provides stowage space for either the brass Mk 4 or plastic Mk 5 oiler and for the pull-through cord. The pull-through weight is provided with its own stowage in a small drilling next to the main drilling. In addition to the No. 1 and No. 4 rifles, the single pull-though Mk 4A was also issued for use with the Bren and Lewis light machine guns, the Vickers medium machine gun, and the family of Sten machine carbines.

IMA has two varieties of the pull-through, one with the early brass weight and one with the steel weight issued in WW 2. This is the BRASS version only.

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