Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Microbe-Lift Nitrate/Nitrite Test Salt & Fresh Water ( test strips)

MicrobeLift NitrateNitrite
Microbe-Lift Nitrate/Nitrite Test Salt & Fresh Water (50 test strips)
by Ecological Laboratories inc.

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Nitrate/ Nitrite test strips give you the ability to know when a water change is needed in your aquarium or pond. Nitrite/ Nitrate test strips are fast and easy to use, with no wet or hazardous chemicals. NITRATE/NITRITE test strips give you an indication of your nitrate/nitrite concentrations which can build up in your aquarium or pond due to uneaten food, waste, bacteria, and oxidation. Nitrate/Nitrite test strips also inform you when the levels have become potentially harmful and a water change is needed. Helps easily MONITOR fluctuating levels of: NITRATE which can stimulate unwanted algae growth NITRITE which can be harmful to fishHelps to determine if POND is CYCLING Salt & Fresh Water Use Water MUST be tested regularly to maintain GOOD WATER QUALITY

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