Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rectangular Elasticized Table Cover (Large) - MOSAIC GOLD - Improvements

Rectangular Elasticized
Rectangular Elasticized Table Cover (Large) - MOSAIC GOLD - Improvements
by Improvements

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Protect your table against spills & stains with a "custom-fit" Elasticized Table Cover. If you're looking for an affordable as well as attractive alternative to custom made table covers, these stretchable table covers provide a decorative solution. Designed in a variety of classic and colorful patterns, each of these elasticized table covers takes the shape of your table as if it were custom-made for it, so there's no annoying overhang, and no "wrinkled-up" look. The Elasticized Table Cover protects the sides and edges of your table, too. Why use a table cover? The number one reason is to protect your table from everyday nicks, spills, and stains. Water and other liquids can damage wood surfaces, leaving marks that are virtually impossible to remove. Glass tabletops can suffer scratches and cracks. Using one of these fitted vinyl covers will help prevent damage to your dining room table or kitchen table. Or perhaps your table surface is already damaged. These beautiful fitted covers are an easy and affordable way to give your tables a fresh and attractive new look. And since their elasticized edges grip firmly to your table, these custom-fit table covers are also ideal to use as outdoor tablecloths since they won't blow away in the wind. Crafted of heavy-duty vinyl, the Custom Fit Table Covers are moisture-proof, wipe clean easily, and are tough enough to use on outdoor tables. Round Table Cover. Fits tables up to 46"Dia. Oval Table Cover. 53"W x 76"L; fits oval and round tables w/extensions up to 48" x 70"L. Standard Rectangular Table Cover: 53"W x 72"L; fits a rectangular table up to 48"W x 66"L. Large Rectangular Table Cover: 53"W x 88"L; fits a rectangular table up to 48"W x 82"L. Round Table Cover - Extra Large. Fits a round table 48" to 64" in diameter.Also available in a Bistro Round Table Cover, or if you prefer a wood-look design, see our Burlwood-look Table Cover which stretches to fit round, square, or multi-sided tables.

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