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MiniChlor Spa and Hot Tub Saltwater System Chlorine Generator, Natural Chlorinator makes chlorine out of salt

MiniChlor 220
MiniChlor 220 Spa and Hot Tub Saltwater System Chlorine Generator, Natural Chlorinator makes chlorine out of salt
by ControlOMatic
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The MiniChlor hot tub chlorine generator is in the same family as the ColorChlor and TechniChlor without all the features. The MiniChlor has no buttons, no moving parts, and is very easy to install. The MiniChlor system works as a convection cell that produces sanitizer (either chlorine or bromine) with a micro-bubble action that causes water to enter the bottom part of the cell as the bubbles leave the top. The MiniChlor includes 6 levels of chlorine production, salt level indicator lights and automatic cleaning of the titanium plates. The standard MiniChlor will sanitize any portable spa or hot tub up to 600 gallons.

It can be a challenge to to keep the water in your spa or hot tub crystal clear and smelling nice. If you forget to add chlorine or bromine for a single day or the chlorine feeder runs out that could lead to spa problems. Due to the higher temperature of the water the chemical balance is critical to be continuously maintained to keep it safe. Proper spa maintenance leads to your spa being safe when you want to use it. Even if the water looks good you should measure the chemical balance before use. Spa chlorine generators can greatly reduce spa problems and spa maintenance as they continuously make chlorine (or bromine) every day so you don't have to. The MiniChlor makes chlorine on a 6 hour cycle. Every 6 hours it starts making chlorine, and based on the power level it will turn off at some point in that 6 hours and remain in standby mode.

The MiniChlor is our most economical spa chlorine generator and lacks some of the features found in the TechniChlor and ColorChlor. It does not have boost mode so the spa water will need to be shocked more often and the MiniChlor does not measure temperature or have light shows.

The MiniChlor 220 power supply supports both 110 and 220 VAC. The MiniChlor 220 is designed to be connected into the supply voltage at the spa pack and has 2' foot line and neutral wires.

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