Monday, March 26, 2012

Orbit ft Orbit Soaker Ring for Trees & Shrubs

Orbit 5ft
Orbit 5ft Orbit Soaker Ring for Trees & Shrubs
by Orbit

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Fall is no time to skimp on plant watering. In fact, fall is the time to pay attention to your lawn. With this Orbit 5ft Tree & Shrub Soaker Ring it's easy to keep things moist and growing even as the days get shorter. This 5 ft piece of .5-inch wide tubing is the ideal way to keep the root balls of your trees and shrubs moist. When letting water through at a low, constant pressure, this ring slowly drips water into the soil. This keeps your plants and tree well saturated and always with plenty of fuel for growth! The water soaker ring drips at a rate of about 1 gallon every 15 minutes. This slow steady drip saves water and therefore saves you money on the water bill! It's easy to set up. Simply connect the two ends of the tube to the three-way head and then connect the hose. After that, simply turn the water on about 1/4 of a turn and rest easy knowing your favorite tree or shrub is staying lean and mean going into the absence of green... that is to say: winter This ring is perfect for setting new plants and treating old alike! Save time, money, and plants by getting your Orbit 5ft Tree & Shrub Soaker Ring today!

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